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Record anything with CallBandit.
How it works

Record your cellular phone calls or any other phone call for free using 3 way calling. Just 3-way dial 518-599-1671 (Albany, NY), talk up to 3 hours per call, then download a digital file when you get back to your computer. IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED, YOUR RECORDING WILL BE PUBLIC because I have no way to email a link to you. If you would like to register, send your name, email and phone number to, be patient until I set you up, and test before using. Files will be saved at least 24 but not more than 48 hours so download soon. Calls will hangup after 120 seconds of silence. This also works as a memo recorder, and for recording classes and meetings if you have a good speakerphone. If your phone provider offers unlimited calls to favorite numbers, you may want to add to your list.


I made this tool for fun. Use it as is at your own risk, it may or may not work for you depending on your provider, location, intellect and phone. It comes with no warranty. It may be removed at any time without notice.


There are laws about what you can and cannot record so please follow them so I do not have to disable this for everyone.

Thank you for donations!

Offering this service to you free costs time and money. Notice that there is no advertising. If you appreciate the service, please donate any amount, even a few cents will show that you care and reduce my costs. Thanks

About Me

Hi, I am Gavin Hollinger, and I love to make phones, computers, and the Internet do cool things to make people more productive, and protect them from banditti. I also want my customers to receive enough value to feel like a bandit. I like free, and free likes me. That is the model of open software, the Internet and most of my life. I have been constantly at play with cool toys since I got my electronics engineering degree from Southern Utah University in 1994 at age 18. People that know me often ask how they can record their calls for many reasons. Some examples are memory disability, proof that a service was canceled, etc. With many years of communications experience, and lots of contacts in the cellular and Internet industry, I really can make your phone do anything. However, it must be both moral and legal.